éolane Partner Meetings: Bob Assistant in the spotlight!

Bob Assistant was in the spotlight at the 2018 Partners Meetings held at the Domaine de Châtillon near Angers (49) on October 11, 2018. Frédéric Hanoyer, Director of R&D and Smart Business Unit, and Lucas Morin, Business Developer of the solution, took the stage to paint a portrait of BOB ASSISTANT and describe its principle and qualities.

A live demo was played in front of several hundred customers, suppliers and very attentive employees, on an industrial machine weighing several hundred kilograms, brought on stage especially for the event. Successful live demonstration: BOB ASSISTANT has detected in real time the on/off states of the machine and has raised an alert when an operating drift occurred. All this without configuration: BOB ASSISTANT did his training live, to restore his reports during the demonstration. Effectiveness confirmed in the field, at our early adopters’ customers and in wind power plants.